Auto Dialer

The Auto-Dialer message is sent to parents/guardians twice a day.

The first message is sent at noon notifying parents of any absence(s) their student may have incurred during morning classes.  The second message is sent in the evening at 6.15pm.

School Attendance Review Board (SARB)

This is a district-level committee which diverts minor students with school attendance or behavior problems from the Juvenile Court System and provides a forum where the problems affecting school adjustment can be discussed and solutions reached.

Attendance Policy (BP & AR 5113 & BP & AR 5113.1)

The Palo Alto Unified School District recognizes that success in school is in part related to prompt and regular classroom attendance. Frequent absences or tardies, which result in a student’s missing all or parts of presentations, demonstrations, discussions, explanations, and/or other classroom activities, are detrimental to the individual student and the class. Student non-attendance and/or persistent tardiness are therefore matters of serious concern.

Gunn Featured on Nova's "School of the Future"

The program NOVA will air a 2-hour education special, School of the Future, featuring several schools – including Gunn High School - in a documentary about innovation in education.  Gunn’s emphasis on and integration of social-emotional learning into our school culture, climate, and learning experiences will be showcased. The documentary shows the struggles Gunn has experienced as well as the strides our school has made.


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