Gunn Featured on Nova's "School of the Future"

The program NOVA will air a 2-hour education special, School of the Future, featuring several schools – including Gunn High School - in a documentary about innovation in education.  Gunn’s emphasis on and integration of social-emotional learning into our school culture, climate, and learning experiences will be showcased. The documentary shows the struggles Gunn has experienced as well as the strides our school has made.

Almost Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Site Council


A: The Site Council is one of four advisory groups to the principal, including the Instructional Supervisors, the student SEC, and the PTSA.

Site Council works closely with the administration and staff on several projects, including input into the development and site approval of Gunn’s School Plan, approval of the Safe School Plan, and participation in and acceptance of the WASC self-study report.

Welcome to Gunn's Back to School Night

Come meet your student's teachers during Back to School Night on Thursday, September 1st, 2016 from 6:00-9:00 PM.

Event Schedule

Parents meet in the rooms indicated on their student's schedule.


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