Gunn High School is proud to rent our beautiful facilities to the community, non-profit groups, and businesses.

* Note: Priority is given to Gunn High School and PAUSD functions for the use of school facilities.

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    Rental Guidelines

    A custodian will greet you at your rental start time. Please contact them with any concerns you may have during your rental, and before you leave.

    The custodial cell number is 650-444-7145.

    1. Please bring a copy of your permit so custodian can confirm your usage and any requests you may have.
    2. If you plan to serve food, this information must be included on your application.

    3. Rentals include a set of restrooms, lighting, and extra waste bins.

    4. Wi-Fi is available for your convenience. To access the network, contact

    5. Use of Gunn electronics equipment including projectors, microphones, sound system, and other property more must be requested at the time of application.

    6. If you need to use sports equipment, this information must be included on your application.

    7. Scoreboards are included in rental.

    8. Tables and chairs are available to rent and should be requested in advance.

    9. Please do not stay beyond your rental time.

    Pool Rental Guidelines
    1. Lifeguards are not provided.

    2. Pool light switch is located just inside equipment room.

    3. Pool lights should be turned off by last renter of the day.

    4. Renters are not permitted to use the coaching office or team room, unless specified in contract.

    5. Renters are not permitted to use pool equipment found in equipment room unless arranged ahead of time and specified in contract.

    6. Do not allow swimmers to sit on, hang on, or otherwise go over lane lines.

    7. If you plan to miss a scheduled rental, please notify us as soon as possible.

    8. Treat lane lines, water polo cages, and covers with care.

    9. Swimmers are NOT allowed in the pool without first uncovering the entire pool.

    10. Equipment room door must remain closed when not in use.

    11. Be sure all gates are closed upon departure.

    12. If you have any questions, please call Carole Main at 650-354-8254, or email

    Facilities Use During School Hours
    1. Events that will be held during school hours need to be cleared, and location reserved, with our Facilities Secretary, Carole Main by phone at (650) 354-8254 or email
    2. The following Event Setup Request form will need to be filled out to request any technical or logistical support: Gunn Event Setup Request Form