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College and Career

Try the following helpful websites for more information:


Universities (4 year colleges)

q  UC campus info and application –

q  CSU campus info and application –

q  California Private Universities/Colleges –

q  Private and Out of State Universities/Colleges –


CSU and UC Placement Tests


q  CSU EPA test result status -

q  UC Entry level Writing test –

q  UC Math level test – look directly at website of campus of choice


Financial Aid and Scholarships

q  Financial Aid/FAFSA =

q  Scholarships:

q  H.S. Guidance office, the College or University’s Financial Aid Office


College Entrance Tests:

q  SAT info/ registration:

q  ACT registration:


Community College Transfer Information

q  Assist (community college course lists)


College Athletics

q  NCAA Clearinghouse-Student Athlete:


AP Information

q  Over 1000 Universities give details on their AP credit policy:


Career Information

q  Occupation Search:

q  Apprenticeships:

q  Career Training Programs and AA degrees from local Community Colleges