Paying for Meals

  1. Cash - Students pay with cash at time of purchase.

  2. Write a Check - Write a check for any amount to "PAUSD" for your child's lunch account. (All students have a lunch account. It is simply a student's name or ID#.)

  3. Online deposit - go to and use your credit card to deposit an amount into your student's account. You will need your child's PAUSD ID number, available at the school office. There is a $3 transaction fee when making an online deposit.


For options 2 and 3, each time your child buys lunch, money will be deducted from the account. Secondary school students need to enter their pin numbers. Please contact Student Nutrition Services for pin numbers. Regardless of which way you deposit money, you can always check the balance at Any remaining balance will carry forward to the next school year.

While schools are not obligated to provide meals to children eligible for full-priced meals who forget their money, our district offers meal charges.

PAUSD POLICY ON MEAL CHARGES: Students can charge up to 3 lunches. A notice will be sent home after the third lunch and we will no longer provide any lunch until the balance is paid. PLEASE BE SURE TO DEPOSIT MONEY BEFORE YOUR STUDENT ORDERS LUNCH.