PD Thursdays

Intended to provide an opportunity for teachers to learn/collaborate on topics intended to support each student (and specifically underserved students) and reflect and refine instruction in order to continue to meet the learning needs of each student. More,,,

PD Thursdays will provide a hybrid model for the 2013-2014 school year.  There will be two PD Thursday groups that will continue to meeting from the 2012-2013 PD model.  The two groups will be Not In Our Schools (NIOS) and Small Learning Communities (SLC).  Both of these programs need this time to plan and create programs that continue to support students.  These two groups have a specific role and outcome, and there is no other time to plan for this outcome. 

Teachers involved in the NIOS and SLC PD Thursday groups will be given an opportunity to choose to continue in the planning meetings, or to participate in the new PD Thursday model that will focus on teachers discussing their practice and student learning in groups called cohorts.  The sessions will focus on three main topics: 

  1. Formative Assessment: monitoring student learning to provide ongoing feedback that can be used to improve teacher practice and student learning.
  2. Growth Mindset: creating a love of learning and resilience through the development of a growth mindset, appropriate praise, and motivating our students.
  3. Getting to Know Your Students:  creating a positive inclusive learning environment

A teacher-facilitator will develop a positive learning environment that will allow for discussions to explore the use of Formative Assessment to collect information/data on how students are learning in order to inform both “growth mindset” and “getting to know your students”.  Each session will provide teachers an opportunity to reflect on their current teacher practice, and discuss tangible ways to develop skills to be able to help a student move toward a growth mindset. 

Session #1 – Identity Safety

For next time…

Continue to work with your Focal Students. Try on a new strategy to bring in an attribute of Identity Safety that you think will be supportive of your focal student and be prepared to discuss your experience in our 2nd Session on Thursday, 10/10.

Session #2 – Identity Safety and Focal Student