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Download Titan Talk - December 11th, 2016

Gunn and Paly families, students and community members are invited to learn about Sources of Strength, the wellness program based on building resilience at both high schools. Please join us, along with Lucille Packard Hospital's Dr. Shashank Joshi and Dr. Steve Adelsheim to participate in our spreading messages of hope, help and strength.

December 1st      7:00 - 8:30pm
Media Arts Center at Palo Alto High School

All The Sources of Strength Teams (trusted adults) and Peer Leaders from Palo Alto High School and Gunn High School will be offering an experience for parents to take part in some of the routines of our Sources of Strength program as well as hear student testimonials about how they use the different parts of the Sources of Strength Wheel in their daily life. The Peer Leaders (students) are very excited to share with you all about what they have been doing this year and how this program continues to impacts their lives.

Through Sources of Strength, our youth are identifying, discussing, and strengthening protective factors in their own lives, as well as working together to become agents of positive change and connectors to help those around them. As change agents, they will spread messages in person and via social media about the various sources of hope, help and strength available to the community. The Sources of Strength program actively creates a culture of increased awareness, compassion and support for all students facing the daily struggles of school and life and teaches strategies for building resilience and multiple sources of strength.

Please join us to learn how to continue the conversations of hope, help and strength at home and in our families as well.


Future Ready is an initiative started by the United States Department of Education with the purpose to achieve personalized learning for all students by infusing the dynamic use of technology into high-quality teaching. This is not another plan of action, but instead a framework and model for collaborative implementation of existing high quality teaching and learning. Many of the components necessary for success already exist within our schools, this framework attempts to bring cohesion to these existing islands of excellence. The image of the seven gears is an important one, as all the components function in unity, as they are all part of the overall system. The seven gears are as follows:


Date TimeLocationActivityAgendaMinutes
3/9/156:00-9:00PMGunn1 Hour intro meeting, followed by PTSA-sponsored schedule presentations by local schools PDF icon  PDF icon
 3/19/158:00AM 2:20PMMitchell Park Community Center CSC Retreat # 1: orientation, team building; core values & desired outcomes; scope, parameters & process, subcommittee formation & long-term planning PDF icon PDF icon


 4/2/158:00AM-2:30PMMitchell Park Community CenterCSC Retreat # 2: community agreements; text-based discussion; prioritize schedule criteria & desired outcomes; subcommittee workPDF icon  PDF icon


  •  2:30-3:30PM
    (Voluntary subcom. mtg.)
  • 3:30-5:30PM
    (Required full CSC mtg.)
 GunnWork on schedule models with Denise Clark PopePDF icon  PDF icon 


 4/20/15 6:00-9:00PM Gunn 1 Hour CSC meeting, followed by Town Hall meeting (7:00-9:00PM) PDF icon  


 4/21/15 2:30-4:30PM GunnDebrief Town Hall Meeting; continue work on schedule models PDF icon PDF icon 


 4/28/15 1:00-5:00PM GunnDecision making on Board recommendations PDF icon PDF icon


 5/4/15, 5/6/15 5:45-8:45PM GunnFinal review of CSC written report; planning for Board presentation; Committee closure activitiesPDF icon PDF icon PDF icon


 5/12/15 6:30PMPAUSD Administration BuildingPresentation of recommendations to PAUSD School Board   

***Attendance is required for all of the meetings above. Additional voluntary meetings, for site visits, community outreach and other CSC subcommittee work will be scheduled as needed on an ongoing basis.

The School Board recently decided to add WGPA to Gunn and Paly’s transcripts. Following is the process by which WGPA are calculated at Gunn:

  • Weighted classes receive on additional point for GPA calculations.  An A in a college prep course receives 4.0 points and an A in an honors or AP course receives 5.0 points.  Grades that have pluses/minuses earn the whole number GPA points.  For example, a B+, B, and B- all earn 3.0 in a college prep class and 4.0 in an honors/AP class.
  • It is basically a cumulative weighted GPA … the current weighted GPA calculation on the Gunn transcript includes all courses on the transcript taken in grades 9-12 and takes into account all courses designated as honors and AP in Infinite Campus. It does not have a cap on the amount of weighted credit students can receive.  
  • This is different from the GPA calculation used at UC/CSU, which does not count 9th grade classes and limits the number of weighted courses to 8 total.  This is the WGPA that Paly will use this year.
  • The superintendent will form a small committee to study and recommend a WGPA formula for next year that will be used at both Paly and Gunn.