Phil Lyons has been a member of the Gunn Social Studies Department since 2000. He teaches AP Economics, Contemporary World, and U.S. Government. Mr. Lyons received his BA in History from UCLA in 1995. He started his teaching career at Lincloln High School and then Lowell High School in San Francisco.

has degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from UCSB. With many years of experience in the semiconductor industry, most recently in the safety field, he brings practical knowledge and expertise to the classroom. He loves helping students move from trepidation to self-confidence in their ability to study science and apply it to their lives. A long time girls’ softball coach and umpire, now that his three children are grown he also spends his spare time woodcarving, playing bellows-blown bagpipes, and cultivating bonsai, orchids, and his garden. Alec MacLean teaches Chemistry and Physics.