I graduated from Pinole Valley High School in 1986. I went to the University of Southern California and earned a BA in International Relations with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies in 1990. My teaching Credentials in Social Studies, Spanish and Home Economics were earned at Mills College in 1992 and also an MA in Education in 1994. I started teaching at Logan High School in Union City. I have been at Gunn since 1997. Other things I am into include gardening, archaeology , sewing/quilting, yoga, walking (especially in the Komen Breast Cancer 3-day) and hanging out with my family and friends.

Casey O'Connell was born on a military base and spent his early years overseas in Sardinia. His middle childhood was spent in Charleston, SC. Casey then attended high school, college and graduate school in the northeast. He briefly taught on the college level and worked as a environmental technician and research neuroscientist. He lived in New York and Washington DC before moving to California. Casey lives in San Francisco and enjoys photography, traveling, and any activity that involves being outdoors. Casey O'Connell teaches Chemistry Honors.

is a Computer Science and Mathematics teacher who believes that a year of Computer Science should be a graduation requirement for all high school students. He is a member of the CSTA Leadership Cohort, a national group of teachers who effect change and promote CS education. Josh received the NCWIT Aspirations Award for Educators for his work in encouraging young women to do computing. He is excited to partner with UC-Berkeley on http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~cs10/ as well as Google's CAPE program. Josh won a national fantasy baseball contest in Y2K and occasionally writes articles on baseball, for example Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster 2011. Josh is an avid indoorsman as he is allergic to things such as plants, dirt, and probably fresh air. He enjoys board games and poker and is a ferocious Boggle player.

Laurie Pennington is a Bay Area native who has come full circle in her geographic location. She grew up in Pacifica, attended Terra Nova High School, got her Bachelor’s at UC Davis, earned her teaching credential at CSU Sacramento, moved to Berkeley and then Oakland while teaching in Hayward (Sunset High School, then Mount Eden High School), and finally landed in Palo Alto at Gunn High School in 1993. After one year she moved to Paly, where she taught until 2004. During times off from school to take care of her two boys, Laurie supervised teacher candidates in the Stanford Teacher Education Program. Upon her return to the District in 2007, she landed back at Gunn where she currently switches between teaching chemistry and physics. Laurie has coached both springboard diving (Paly & Gunn) and JV volleyball (Paly) and loves to participate in the Choir-Staff Musical every year. Outside of school Laurie enjoys spending time with her family, attending sporting events, and travelling.