Maria Powell has taught at Gunn since 2006. Prior to that she taught biology and earth science for two years in Los Baños, California. She has a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Genetics and a minor in Chemistry. Mrs. Powell earned her teaching credential from CSU Stanislaus in 2005 and National Board Certification in 2010. Here at Gunn, she has taught environmental science, chemistry 1, biology 1, and biology 1AC. She and her husband have three children. Their oldest son is a 2008 graduate of Palo Alto High School and their two daughters graduated from Gunn in 2010 and 2011. Maria Powell teaches Biology 1AC and Chemistry 1.

has been teaching math at Gunn for 10 years. Before becoming a math teacher Chris worked in technology and consumer products, with Silicon Graphics, Macromedia, and Dole Food Company. One of his goals as a teacher is to make high school math more relevant to students by making connections to real-world applications. Chris earned a BSE from Princeton University and a MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition to being a math teacher, Chris has been coach of the golf team for 10 years and coached boys basketball for his first 9 years at Gunn.

With more than 13 years of teaching experience, Daisy Renazco loves her chosen profession. As a teacher, she has the opportunity to have conversations with students that can lead to a change in how students accept one another. She is the teacher advisor for the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), and has received awards from Gunn High School and Project Outlet on her leadership in creating a safe school for all students through our Not In Our Schools week. Daisy earned her degrees from Saint Mary’s College of California and San Jose State University. In her free time she enjoys anything that lets her to be outside, spending time with friends and family.
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Born and raised in France, Ms. Richard (pronounced REE-SHAR) moved the the United States after high-school. She went on to earn a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley in 2002.

Ms. Richard comes to teaching after a successful career in the legal field, where she worked in Securities Litigation. She has taught World History, Contemporary World History, US Government and AP Psychology. She also teaches Focus on Success, an AVID support program focused on promoting self-advocacy and study skills.

Her first passion is teaching, which takes up most of her time. When she is not at school or grading papers, Ms. Richard likes to spend time hiking with her dog and managing Dominant Dogs Rescue, a non-profit organization.