Schoology Help

Setting up a parent PAUSD Schoology account

1. As a parent, you must first sign in to your Infinite Campus account in order to retrieve the Schoology activation code that was assigned to you.  If you have forgotten your Infinite Campus password or username click the "HELP" button. If you are experiencing any other issue with account access, please email to have your account reset.  

2.  Once you have accessed your Infinite Campus parent portal refer to the following graphic to assist you in locating your Schoology activation key:

  • >> Click on More Info
  • >> Click on Select a Student      
  • >> Locate the Schoology Code.Write it down. Repeat this process to obtain the Schoology Codes for any other students in your family. 


3.  Once you have your code, please go to the Gunn homepage and click on the "Schoology (Parents)" or  visit the Schoology PAUSD login portal, and select the "Schoology (Parent)" option.

4. Once you see the following screen, please click on "Parent".

5. You will be asked to provide your Schoology Code which you found in Step 2 (C) of this tutorial along with some personal information.  Once you have completed the final form your account will be created!