AP Biology

BIOLOGY, Eighth Edition

AP Bio textbook

ISBN-13:  978-0805368444

ISBN 10:  0805368442

Campbell & Reece, et al

AP Chemistry

CHEMISTRY: The Central Science, Tenth Edition

AP Chem textbook

ISBN-13: 978-0131096868

ISBN 10: 0131096869

Theodore Brown, Eugene LeMay and Bruce Bursten

AP Environmental Science

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE:   Earth as a Living Planet, Seventh Edition

AP Environ Science textbook

ISBN-13: 978-0470118559; ISBN10: 0470118555

Daniel Botkin

AP Physics 1  (two textbooks)

PHYSICS, 9e; Cutnell & Johnson

AP Phys textbook

ISBN-13: 978-0470879528; ISBN10: 0470879521

John D Cutnell and Kenneth W Johnson

AP Physics 1  (two textbooks)

CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS: The High School Physics Program, Third Edition

AP Phys textbook

ISBN-13: 978-0201466973; ISBN10: 0-201-46697-X

Paul G Hewitt

AP Physics C

PHYSICS for Scientists and Engineers (Ninth Edition)

AP Physics C textbook

ISBN-13: 978-1133947271; ISBN10: 1133947271

Serway & Jewett

Biology 1 Biology 1A Biology H

Biology - California Edition (Prentice Hall)

Biology textbook

ISBN-13: 978-0132013529; ISBN10: 0132013525

Kenneth R Miller & Joseph Levine


Chemistry - California Edition (Prentice Hall)

Chemistry textbook

ISBN-13: 978-0132013048; ISBN10: 0132013045

Wilbraham, Staley, Matta & Waterman

Chemistry Honors


Chem H textbook

ISBN-13: 978-0030367861; ISBN10: 0030367867

Davis, Frey, Sarquis, & Sarquis

Conceptual Physics, and Physics

CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS: The High School Physics Program

Phys and Concep Phys textbook

ISBN-13: 978-0133647495; ISBN10: 0133647498

Paul G Hewitt

Marine Biology

Introduction to MARINE BIOLOGY, Third Edition

Marine bio textbook

ISBN-13: 978-0495561972; ISBN10: 0495561975

George Karleskint; Richard L Turner; James W Small