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The role and purpose of the Site Council shall be to develop a school improvement process for Gunn.  The process developed by the Site Council shall be a thorough and on-going analysis of the entire school program - all curricular and related parts of the school program - for every student.

The School Site Council annually approves the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), formerly called the School Development Plan.  You can find copies of the previous year's plans and working documents for this year's plan in our School Profile.


The Gunn Site Council needs two (2) parent representatives to serve a two-year term starting next August.

Please review the following 2018-2020 Gunn Site Council Parent Candidate Statements and submit your vote for two representatives online by noon, Tuesday, March 20th.

Jade T. Chao
I am very Interested in serving at the Gunn HS site level. Experiences include: Jordan PTA Representative to Jordan Site Council 2016-2018; Jordan PTA President; PTA Council Vice President. Community service includes: former Board Chair and current Board Member of Palo Alto Family YMCA. Stanford Faculty in Medicine. Parents of two children; an incoming Freshman and a sixth grader. Both of our children attended the Mandarin Immersion Program at Ohlone (2009-2017) and part of the Mandarin Immersion Program at Jordan (2015-2020). This is an incredible school district; Gunn is the lodestar. It would be an honor to serve on Gunn High School Site Council.

Glynn Edwards
I am employed as the Assistant Director of Special Collections at Stanford University. I plan and oversee the work of our department to acquire and make archival collections and rare books available to the Stanford community and scholars around the world. I collaborate with colleagues throughout the library - including facilities - to design space and plan/execute multiple relocations of the library on their Redwood City campus. I oversee an open-source software development project in our department focused on the acquisition, processing and delivery of email archives which is used by over 30 other institutions world-wide.

Mudita Jain
I have volunteered for Palo Alto Schools in many roles: as chair of the Connections Board at JLS for two years, member of the PiE board as Director of Development for Jordan, JLS, and Palo Alto High School for two years, Palo Alto High School site council for two years, the sole e-news editor at Jordan for two years. I have also been very active in community service, volunteering many hours in math classrooms in East Palo Alto, on the board for the East Palo Alto Academy and reading scholarship applications for Stanford New Schools. I retired from the software industry in 2005, after having held many roles ranging from individual contributor to director of engineering.

Jian Ma
I'm a software engineer at Google. I worked on the PTA board of Juana Briones elementary school on various roles for many years. I was a member of parents railroad cross guard back in 2009.

Michael Miller
Hi, I have not had any previous PTA or Site Council work. I've had a variety of management roles in my many years in the workplace, working with a variety of teams to lead or make decisions (ranging in size from 1-2 to 10-12 team members). My experience has been focused in the technology industry but has spanned roles that are focused on customers individually or in groups, as well as internal employees. I'm excited to contribute to the Gunn Site Council in support of both my daughter (who has 2 more years at Gunn) and my son (who will be an incoming 9th grader next year). Thanks for your consideration!

Roopa Prasad
I am very excited to see this opportunity at Gunn and hence this application. Although, I am employed as Technical lead in a Software company, I am most comfortable in an educational institution. My job involves talking to teams in Florida, Texas, Romania, India, Ukraine and Vietnam, making business decisions, managing timelines and schedules and working in harmony.  I worked as a lecturer for a freshman class at an engineering college and have tutored kids part-time since I was age 13. I am looking forward to getting involved in the Gunn High School Community where my dear twin sons will spend the next four years.

Raquel Schwab
I currently work in the Financial Security Division at Stanford's Center on Longevity.  Before this job, I worked for Dan Ariely, who is a well-known Behavioral Economist; I did research on financial decision making. Finally, in my "past life" I was a math teacher, and SAT math instructor, so my numeracy skills are top notch! I would love to volunteer my time as a Site Council Parent Representative.  Thank you!

Hiren Shah
I have been in various group-decision making situations for the better part of my career. Additionally, being in sales, I have spent time in structuring the various factors and dependencies of a decision, prioritizing them, driving consensus with objectivity and facts and seeing it through its implementation.

Tammy Truher
My son, Ryan, is a freshman at Gunn and my daughter, Molly is a 7th grader at JLS.  I pride myself on being a collaborative team member, always interested in learning about the range of needs of the school and the student body it serves. I have been very active at all levels of Palo Alto Schools - Fairmeadow, JLS and Gunn. Currently, I am Fundraising & Development Chair on the board of Gunn Foundation, which provides need-based scholarships to low-resourced Gunn seniors who want to pursue post-secondary education. As a volunteer reading tutor for All Students Matter, I work with a small group of 4th grade students weekly at Brentwood Elementary School in East Palo Alto. I also currently serve on the JLS PTA Executive Board as the VP of School Support. From 2012-2015, I served on the Executive Board at Fairmeadow as a Co-Chair for the Auction and Walkathon. I was also a PiE Chair for 2 years. I thrive on working together with students, staff, and parents to build strong communities that improve the school experience for all. Professionally, I worked as an Executive Assistant at a range of companies, including Marin Country Day School, Mother Jones Magazine, InterWest Partners, and On the personal side of things, I enjoy walks with my family and dogs, boating on SF Bay, Giants baseball, and coffee at Philz.