Chris Johnson


Chris grew up in the San Jose area and is a 5th generation native Northern Californian, who lives and breathes history. Graduated with a BA in History from UC Davis in 1996 and started teaching in 1998. He has also spent about 20 years as a Living Historian, recreating and experiencing the life of everything from a Union soldier in the Civil War, Prospector in the California Gold Fields of the 1850's, to a US Infantryman during the campaigns of WWII. He has often brought much of his collection of original and reproduction artifacts of these time periods into his classroom to assist the teaching of his curriculum. He started teaching 14 years ago in the San Jose Unified School District where he taught 8th grade Social Studies for four years at Castillero Middle School and four years at Pioneer High School, where he was also a JV Football Coach. Chris has been at Gunn since 2006 and could not dream of teaching anywhere else. At Gunn he has taught 9th grade World History, 11th grade US History, and AP US History and feels honored to be able to pass along his knowledge and passion for the subject of History.
When he is not at school he can often be found spending time with his family: wife Kari, and his three children Axel, Reyn and Mabel.