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Skills-based intervention, differentiated based upon students’ individual needs and goals as determined by IEP. Remediate foundational skills needed to be successful in the general education program. Preview of upcoming general education curriculum. Differentiated small group work. Computer-based interventions for individual practice and progress tracking. 


Placement in this course is an IEP team decision. Student must be receiving special education services to be eligible for this class.

Academic Enhancement

Academic Enhancement Read 180 is a specialized reading course that is designed to target and improve reading skills necessary for success at the high school level. This program allows students the opportunity to make substantial gains in their reading ability by developing skills necessary for reading success. The course offers instruction and practice in decoding words, spelling words, vocabulary development, comprehension, and fluency.

Academic Communication

Academic Communication is a Special Education elective course that strives to address the learning needs of students whose primary deficit is in the area of social cognition and on the Autism spectrum. Students receive direct instruction in the area of effective social communication strategies. The goal of the course is to facilitate collaboration among students while exploring aspects of social thinking, flexibility and perspective taking.

Study Skills DHH

Students receive individualized instruction that reinforces course content presented in core curriculum classes.  Particular attention is given to re-phrasing information in order to make the material understood.

Academic Support

Academic Support is a tier of Study Skills (Resource) at Gunn High School. In Academic Support, there are smaller student to teacher/aide ratios to offer individualized support for each student. Additionally, resources and information are made available to each student to reinforce what they are learning in each of their academic classes.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a recent branch of psychology that stems from Humanistic Psychology. It’s aim is "to find and nurture genius and talent" (Compton 2005), and "to make normal life more fulfilling". Students will be exposed to the theoretical pillars of this discipline and will apply this theory to their own life. Through a series of

Conceptual Physics

This course meets all graduation and university admission criteria for physical science.
Conceptual Physics is intended to meet the needs of those students who are still developing their basic algebraic skills in a first-year algebra course. It provides a rudimentary introduction to the fundamental principles of physics and how they apply to our daily lives. Topics covered include motion, forces, energy, waves, optics, electricity, and magnetism.

Physical Education 10

Team sports, individual and developmental activities are offered in a curriculum designed to be responsive to the student's level of skills and interest. In addition, an effort is made to develop an interest in, and appreciation of, activity and its fitness aspects for the future. Choices are dependent upon student selections, facilities, and number of staff aavailable during a given time period.

Physical Education 12

All freshmen and sophomores are required to complete this second semester of physical education. The activities of this course are designed around the State Physical Education Framework and statewide standards for PE.

Physical Education 9

All freshmen are required to complete the first semester of physical education. This course is designed specifically for 9th grade students.

The activities are designed around the State Physical Education Framework and statewide
standards for PE.


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