Fabulous Foods

If you have a special liking for good food, even if you have never done much more than boil water, this class is for you.  If you have had lots of experience in the kitchen but want to stretch your skills, want to explore the why’s and how’s of delicious foods, this is your course, too.  An art as well as a science, good cooking rests on basic principles and skills that have been refined over centuries.  These principles and skills are demonstrated and practiced in class in clear, easy steps.  Plunge in and have fun!

TBN (Titan Broadcast Network) - Advanced Broadcast Video 2

This course serves to broadcast campus news and selected features to the Gunn High School community. Positions on the TBN staff are awarded through an application process. Advanced broadcasting meets daily during the 0 period from 7:30am  - 8:30am. Workshop methods and “hands-on” training will be employed to provide students with a understanding of the principles of broadcast television production and video journalism. Advanced broadcasting operates as a project-based classroom where collaborative groups will be responsible for creating student produced school video features.

Broadcast Video 1 - Introduction To Broadcasting

Broadcast Video 1 operates as a project-based classroom where collaborative groups will be responsible for creating student produced school video features for the Gunn community. Workshop methods and “hands-on” training will be employed to provide students with a basic understanding of the principles of broadcast television production and video journalism. All student productions will be broadcast over television and the web. Basic field video production will be applied to explore various types of programs  such as student documentaries, sports and events.

Video Production 3 - Advanced Digital Filmmaking

 This advanced course will cover  professional video and audio post-production methods. Through project-based assignments students will explore motion graphics for film/television, video compression, color corrections, streaming video for the Web, and digital audio. The semester will culminate with an exhibition of student work at the Gunn Film Festival and a digital portfolio.



Video Production 2 - Advanced Digital Filmmaking

In this course students will investigate advanced techniques of video production: directorial style, script development, camera technique, editing, etc.  Evaluation of the aesthetic principles of videography, investigation of selected historical topics, and “hands-on” training in video technique will form the basis of most class sessions.  Each semester course will culminate in an exhibition of original student video projects. Students who are approved by the teacher may choose to take this course as independent study.



Video Production 1

This course provides students with opportunities to work on individual and small group video projects.  Workshop methods will be employed to provide students with basic understandings of principles and practices of videography.  Students in this course will be expected to develop project treatments, write and rewrite shooting scripts, develop storyboards, film and edit projects. An exhibition of student works will be held each semester.


Co-Ed Adapted Physical Education

An adaptive physical education class is available for students for whom an assessment has been made by a multi-disciplinary Individual Education Planning (IEP) team.  This assessment takes into consideration all other physical education options, health history, current medical status, and APE assessment for the students.

Teaching Assistant

This course is for students who enjoy assisting others with physical education skills.  Students who are Teaching Assistants will demonstrate sports skills and work individually with students in physical education classes in a leadership role.
To apply for this elective, please contact the PE teacher you would like to be a TA for.

Flash Animation & Photoshop

This semester class teaches students the use of software animation, (Flash Software) and how to edit and enhance photographs using advanced Photoshop skills.

The course teaches two industry standard software's which are used by Web masters to create higher caliber Web sites.  (Gunn already owns the software and licenses for Flash and Photoshop.)

This course would target the student who already is Web proficient and wishes to enhance skills used to create commercial Web sites.

Project-based class, no written test.

Physical Education Second Semester

Team sports, individual and developmental activities are offered in a curriculum designed to be responsive to the 
student’s level of skills and interest.  In addition, an effort is made to develop an interest in, and appreciation of, 
activity and its fitness aspects for the future.


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