What is the Wellness Center?

The Wellness Center works with the Counseling Department to coordinate and expand physical and mental health support services for students. Direct services and prevention education are offered through classroom wellness presentations and school-wide health education events.

What kinds of issues does the Wellness Center address? 

The Wellness Center is a free and confidential service to address issues such as:

Depression & Suicide
Sexual Orientation/Gender Questions
Sexual Harassment Issues
Family Issues
Chronic Illness
Peer Relationships
Cultural Adjustment & Identity Issues
Offsite Resources & Referrals

How do I refer a student to the Wellness Center?

Teachers/staff can refer a student by contacting the student's School Guidance Counselor who can refer to others, as needed.

Parents/guardians can refer students via the Counseling Department by calling (650) 354-8212, emailing the student’s counselor, or by visiting the Wellness Center for a conversation with staff.

Students can visit the Wellness Center to get more information and/or refer a friend through their Guidance Counselor.

 May: Mental Health Awareness Month Calendar.pdf

Gunn's CalSCHLS Survey Results

CalSCHLS is the oldest (since 1999), largest, most comprehensive state effort in the nation to provide local school-communities with their own data on School Climate, social-emotional and mental Health, and Learning supports and engagement through a Survey system sponsored by the California Department of Education. Henry M. Gunn's Summary Reports: